Wet drum magnetic separator

Manufactured array of Wet Drum Magnetic Separation is amalgamation of a drum with unique permanent magnet arrangement and a specifically considered counter revolving tank, which consequences in a unit with performance exceeding that of conventional separators. This separation system is effectively utilized in iron ore and dense media plants for removing ferrous substances during drilling, finishing, roughing and cleaning purposes from the non magnetic materials to ensure increasing product purity and plant productivity.
Offered Magnetic Drum Separator is fitted with high concentration magnets which effectively carry out the separation process. In the purposes where the product purity is most necessary, provided Wet Drum Magnetic Separation machine can use influential extraordinary earth magnets which can remove very fine and pathetic contaminants even from solid materials. We design and manufacture this equipment in accordance with the utilization for international market standard and best quality materials that are procured from the dependable venders of the market.

Supplied assortment is manufactured from high quality rare earth magnet, which makes them effective and capable enough to magnetize fine and weak ferrous dusts and leftovers from plenty of materials. Also it represents an important part of the product range and is known for advanced engineering design, compact, flexible, high speed functioning and excellent performance.

Enhanced models of this separation machine is also available at our production unit to suites the changing demands is a regular feature at Linux Magnetics and you can be sure of purchasing the latest technology with long lasting performance from us. Besides this, the provided Wet Drum Magnetic Separator can be availed from us in several technical specifications at negotiable prices.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separation manufactured by our firm is well known among their national and international clients due to their most significant characteristics for example

As a result of nonstop progress in separator technology, our company offers a complete line of magnetic separator to such industries

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