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Drawer Magnets are built with strong rare earth magnets for strong holding force, magnetic material used for drawer-in-housing tube magnets , it is also used for removing ferrous metal. It is used in industries such as ceramic, food, dairy, grain and milling alnico and also for protecting injection molding machines, molds and dies.

Drawer magnets consists of a row, or most commonly, rows of round magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawers, mounted on the throat of the molding machine, tramp metal is stopped from flowing into the machine by powerful rare earth magnet.  This type of ferrous metal removal unit can be fitted simply in existing pipeline or outlet of various equipments like blenders, pulvisers, and system with multiple grids is available.Which can be easily removed for cleaning. The drawer is fitted with flanges at outlet, as standard magnetic rod consisting of high intensity earth magnet is fitted in a strong housing.

We are the well-known company in supplying a wide range of Drawer magnet. To meet the specific requirement of our client we manufacture wide range of products in all shapes and sizes. We manufacture magnetic equipment by using qualitative material that is very strong and durable, Drawer magnets, Drawer Housing Magnet are produced according to the market demand, we supply and manufacture best quality product in various forms to our clients.

Salient features of Drawer Magnets

Drawer Magnet Manufacturer from Ahmedabad
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