We carry the fabrication in addition to supplying high quality equipments which are predominantly functional to clean up the coolant liquid used in the machineries from miniscule ferrous rudiments. This is comprehensively functional for effective elimination of varied ferrous contaminations from some type of materials by using the magnetic attraction.

Our high quality Coolant Magnetic Separator is acknowledged to deliver exceptional aspects such as incomparable performance, unproblematic installation in addition to negligible maintenance necessity. These are easy to apply as they are mechanically performing likewise they are light & compacted. These are moreover incredibly sturdy, long-lasting as well as have powerful magnetic effect. This equipment supports the exclusion of iron particles for carrying out grinding as well as milling operations.

Our high grade products are made in acquiescence to the global quality criterions with the most advanced technology.  Coolant Magnetic Separator are quality established and confirmed and we deal them at excellent price rate.

Coolant Magnetic Separator consists of magnetic drum,rubber drum, scraplerblade, stainless tank used to continuously remove iron material from the coolant flow and deposits it into a disposal bin. It is ideal for production runs of ferrous material on cutting and grinding machine tools with water-based coolants, machine tools and the magnetic coolant filters. It provides increased productivity with less downtime for machine coolant replacement.

We manufacture Coolant Magnetic Separatorand also supply magnetic equipments.Coolant magnetic separator is used to remove or clean the ferrous from coolant liquid and from coolant flow used in the machineries and also effective exclusion of varied ferrous mixture from some type of materials by using magnetic attraction.

Coolant Magnetic Separator are extremely powerful, long-lasting, durable, robust having powerful magnetic effect, this equipment handles the extraction of iron particles from grinding and milling operations as our products are made according to the current and global market demands , we gives quality product with good performance, easy installation, light and compacted and  reasonable rates.

Salient features of Coolant Magnetic Separator

Coolant magnetic Separator
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