Hump Magnet are very powerful that is used in protecting your handling facilities, product and processing equipment from tramp iron hazards-fine ferrous fragments, shavings, nuts, bolts, and mavericks such as wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers from even free-flowing, clumping or bridging type materials. Effective tramp metal recovery configuration forces product flow to contact the plate magnets directly, simple cleaning swing plate magnet Hump magnet is applied for magnetic separation in material that flows in the industries.The product has hump shape for material flow in the magnetic field and so eliminates or removes iron particles from the material.

Hump magnet , Funnel Magnet Manufacturer are used where the flow of material is vertical ,they strike directly on the first magnet change direction and fall over magnet ensure clean outflow of material,magnet can be opened for periodic cleaning and can be of any size and shape .

We manufacture Hump Magnet with specific method using high quality magnet for better performance, with precise design which needs less cleaning, and maintenance. We offer best product to our customer at affordable price and also export our product to Canada, America, Korea, etc.

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