Magnetic Drum Separator, Magnetic Separator Suppliers

We being an ISO-9001-2008 Certified company make certain that our products are very qualitative and offer superior functionality. Our products are result of intensive R&D and our effort of keeping updated with the latest technology. Hence they have excellent features such as cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, versatility, easy maintenance and offer reliable and durable performance. Hence they are preferred and used widely in the industries of China especially in the cities like Egypt, Leone, Benin, Togo, Indonesia, Namibia, Sudan, Gabon, Ghan , Zambia, and Angola etc.

Our enormous range of magnetic equipments especially Hump Magnet and permanent magnetic equipments, electromagnetic equipments and vibrating appliances that incorporate Magnetic roller separator, Over band magnetic separator, Magnetic drum separator, Vibro screen, Magnetic lifter, Suspension magnet, Hump magnet, Hopper magnet, Magnetic pulley, Plate magnet, Magnetic Rod and Drawer magnet etc and is regularly imported by India mainly in the cities such as Nigeria, Botswana, Chad, Uganda, Tunisia, Kenya, Libya, Cameroon.

Our products are priced very reasonably hence are considered as the best.

African Countries
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