Magnetic Separator Manufacturers,Magnetic Roller Separator,South Africa,Russia,Canada,and many other international countries

We are the leading exporter of magnetic equipments,and also have huge range of products known for its efficiency and specified quality performance. Our aim is to provide good and efficient working of equipments with better output and which fit the industrial requirements, norms and also suits their budget.

Our magnetic equipments are in compliance with the international standards and to satisfy all the small and big requirements of the clients, we have a wide range ofproduct, which is multiplying year after year. Our broad range of products is well-known for their efficient performance and appropriateness for diverse applications. Some of these commendable products include Vibro screen, Magnetic lifter, Suspension magnet, Hump magnet, Hopper magnet, Magnetic pulley, Plate magnet, Magnetic Rod and Drawer magnet Roll magnetic separator etc. We also export equipments to countries like Egypt, South Africa, Russia, Canada, and many other international countries.

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